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Year 3

Year 3 Autumn Term 2


This half term our topic is Tremors and we will be learning all about volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis! On our launch day, we discovered that there had been an earthquake in the playground and lava had spilled out onto the ground. Caution tape was all over our classroom, warning us of the danger! We then worked in groups to write and perform a news broadcast reporting on what happened. It was a fantastic day!

We will be continuing to work hard in the rest of our subjects in the lead up to Christmas. PE is still on a Thursday and Friday this term. To avoid the loss of any clothing / PE kits, please make sure your child's clothes are labelled with their name.


As always, please feel free to contact me with any queries.


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We had an amazing time at Creswell Crags going in a cave, learning survival skills and doing art work!

In our topic lesson, we pretended to be Stone Age hunters and gatherers. We had to walk around the classroom hunting animals and gathering different fruits just like the Stone Age people did, but we also had to watch out for the poisonous plants! 
We have some amazing displays in Year 3! 
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Picture 2
Picture 3

Stewed fruit, Stonehenge pastel work and Stonehenge biscuit model!

Autumn Term 1


Welcome to Year 3 and to Key Stage 2. It has been great to see each child settle into Year 3 with ease. We have already completed so many fun and interesting things to begin our year but there's much more excitement ahead. 


Our first topic is called Tribal Tales and we will be learning about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. For our launch day, we made stewed fruit, created a Stonehenge pastel picture and made Stonehenge using biscuits! It was an excellent day! Later in the term, we will be visiting Creswell Crags, where we will complete lots of exciting activities.


In this first term, PE is on a Thursday and a Friday so please ensure PE kits are in school on these days. Please also ensure that PE kits and uniform are labelled with your child's name.


Please feel free to contact me at school if you have any further queries. Please check this page regularly for further updates and photographs.  


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The children had a great day dressing up as heroes and villains to start our new topic! (And so did Mrs Walters and I!) To begin the day, the children created and drew their own superhero and then wrote a fact file about them. Afterwards, they planned and wrote exciting stories, imagining that they had woken up with a super power. We had an excellent time! 
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The children really enjoyed preparing for their Ancient Greek museum and showing their fantastic topic homework to the rest of the class.

Thank you very much to all of the parents who came into school to look at the children's work! It was great to see so many of you. The children have been so enthusiastic when learning about the Ancient Greeks and had a brilliant time showing all of the work they have been doing in both topic lessons and DT lessons.

Summer Term 2


Welcome back to the final term of Year 3! It has been fantastic to see how much the children have grown up over this year and how independent and mature they have become. I'm sure they will all continue to work hard as they move in to Year 4 in September.

This term we will be finishing our Ancient Greek topic and beginning our new topic which is called Heroes and Villains. We will continue working hard in the rest of our subjects this term and have lots of fun things to look forward to in our final weeks of Year 3. 

We are still going swimming on Mondays and PE still takes place on Fridays so please ensure that PE kit is in school on this day.

As always, please contact me in school if you have any questions about anything.

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Greek food tasting, writing names in Greek and Greek dancing!

Summer Term 1


Welcome back! I hope everyone had a great Easter break. Our new topic this term is called Gods and Mortals and we will be learning all about Ancient Greece, including the gods and goddesses, Greek myths and Greek soldiers. For our launch day we tried different Greek food, wrote our names in Greek using oil pastels and then tried some Greek dancing. The children had a fantastic time!

Please remember that we are still going swimming on Mondays and PE lessons take place on Fridays so please ensure that PE kits are in school on this day.

Thank you,

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In our topic lesson we had fun making our own water cycle. We should be able to see evaporation and condensation happening over the following days.

World Book Day and buddy reading

Spring Term 2


Welcome back to the new term! Our new topic this term is Flow and we will be learning all about rivers, the features of them and the water cycle. For our launch day, we took part in different activities in the classroom, such as finding different rivers using atlases, reading books and stories about rivers and we created our own top trumps cards for a river of our choice. Afterwards we went outside onto the school field to create our own rivers using tin foil and things we could find outside. We then poured water along our rivers. It was an excellent morning!

Please remember that PE kits should be in school on a Friday and we are now going swimming every Monday morning. 


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