Year 5

Welcome to Year  5-2024!

I am so excited to be teaching you again this year! I know we are going to make some fantastic progress this academic year. This school year is going to be very exciting and busy as we learn and grow together. I am looking forward to deepening your understanding of your existing knowledge and extending this into new areas of learning. There will be lots of teachers supporting you with your learning this year too.

Mrs Cawsey will be teaching you on Friday mornings

Mrs Carlisle will be teaching you Art and DT

Mrs Webster will be teaching you German

Miss Prescott will be teaching you PE

OLOL Music company will begin to teach Music this year and this will take place on a Thursday.

Please ensure that your PE kit is in for a Thursday with outdoor PE kit in school with a pair of trainers as we will be using the field for PE lessons too. 

Homework will be given out on a Friday and needs to be back in for the following Wednesday and this will include Maths, Reading and Spellings each week. Spelling tests will be on a Friday and the new spelling rule will be introduced after.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns or queries.

Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Bates


Our first topic this year is called Pharaohs. Within this topic, we learn how to use historical sources to give us information: including art work and hieroglyphics. Understand that some historical sources can give bias – giving incorrect information. Discover the characteristics and importance of the Pharaohs and what happened when a Pharaoh died; how and why bodies were mummified. We will then end of topic researching the importance of the Egyptian Gods and why they were worshipped.

Pharaohs Cover Page

Autumn Pharaohs Knowledge Organiser History

Autumn Pharaohs Knowledge Organiser Georgraphy 

Off with her head!

After Christmas, children will be travelling back in time to the 1500s to explore the terrifying and terrific Tudors, a domineering dynasty that changed our history. Children will have the opportunity to use a range of historical sources to learn about Henry VIII. Children will create their own biographies, using information they have researched and collected, on the infamous characters of Henry VIII, his wives and children.

Off With Her Head Cover Page

History Knowledge Organiser

Geography Knowledge Organiser

Fire damp and Davy lamps

In the final term of Year 5 we will be learning the topic called ‘Fire Damp and Davy Lamp’. In this unit, children will explore: The history of coal mining, the industrial revolution, mining strikes and their effects on the miners, their families and communities and the legacy and future of coal mining.

Firedamp And Davy Lamps Cover Page