The i-vengers project is a peer-led digital leader programme which seeks to engage, educate and empower young explorers of digital technology and help them to make safer choices online.

We have  4 fantastic i-vengers within our school who have carried out a range of tasks and missions in order to help the rest of the children of Saint Joseph’s stay safe online!

Earlier this year, the i-vengers conducted an anonymous whole school survey to find out  more about the tech habits of our children. Our children gave really honest answers telling us about the apps they go on, rules they have at home and how much time they spend online.  The i-vengers  were able to use the data to help pinpoint areas of concern. Following the survey, they were able to adress issues through a whole school assembly and smaller class interventions. They also presented their findings  to our CEO James McGeachie.

Our school survey showed that the most popular app used by our children was Roblox. Please click on the link to watch a short video made by the i-vengers team to show you how to stay safe when using this online gaming platform.

Roblox Safety Video for Parents – YouTube

For more useful information on how to stay safe online please click on the i-vengers link below.

Blog – i-vengers