Children’s committees

At St Joseph’s we have Head Pupils who represent the children when making decisions and improvements in school. The children spent time with our local MP, Mark Fletcher, to look at their role and the importance of this in order to make our school the best place possible.

The children who wanted to apply to be our Head Pupils then had to write a letter of application and present to the whole school the reasons why they felt they would be good Head Pupils. All children then got the opportunity to vote for their favourite candidate.

After this rigorous application process, we were delighted to appoint our Head Pupils. We are confident that they will make a significant contribution to our school community throughout this year.

At St Joseph’s, we feel that it is very important that our children have a voice and that they are listened to. In light of this, we have taken appropriate action to deliver and respond to children’s comments and suggestions. To do this, we have the following school committee groups:

  • Agents for Change 
  • Mental Health Ambassadors
  • Chaplaincy
  • Health and Safety
  • i-vengers (e safety)
  • Eco- Committee (CAFOD Club)
  • OPAL/ Active Group