Word of the Week

Each year, we carefully select, with the support of our children, parish and families, key words that we would like to focus on throughout the academic year.

We carefully match these words to the liturgical calendar, world events, Feast Days and times of celebration. The allows the children to witness how their faith and scripture links to many areas of their lives and things that are happening around them.

Each class, from Reception to Year 6, plan and record a video to share the word of the week with our school and wider community. This is then used in school as a form of liturgical prayer in classes. This theme is then continued throughout the week in other forms of whole school, class and individual prayer allowing the children to deepen their reflection and link the words to additional pieces of scripture. In addition, the word is displayed in church so that our parish family can be reminded of the theme and be invited to watch the prayer video on our YouTube channel.Word Of The Week 2023