Year 3

Welcome to Year 3 2023-2024!

I am so excited to have you all back at school for a new year! I know you are going to make an amazing Year 3 class. I am looking forward to seeing you grow and develop this year. There will be lots of teachers supporting you with your learning this year.

Mrs Carlisle will be teaching you Art and DT

Mr Davies will be teaching you computing

Mrs Seaman will be teaching you German

Miss Egerton will be teaching you handwriting

OLOL Music company will begin to teach Music this year and this will take place on a Thursday.

Please ensure that your PE kit is in for a Tuesday with outdoor PE kit in school with a pair of trainers as we will be using the field for PE lessons too. 

Homework will be given out on a Friday and needs to be back in for the following Wednesday and this will include Maths, English and Spellings each week. Spelling tests will be on a Friday.

As always, if there are any issues, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Prescott

Tribal Tales

Our topic for this term is called Tribal Tales! This is all about the Stone Age Bronze Age and Iron Age. We will learn about each time period and how this looked in England. We will learn about how they lived what they wore and how they survived. We will compare how they lived to how we live and how this has impacted our lives today!


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Tribal Tales KO History

Tribal Tales KO Geography

Gods and Mortals

Our topic for this term is called Gods and Mortals! This is all about Ancient Greece where we will study Greek life and achievements and their influence on the western world. We will also be looking at how the Greeks lived as well as what they wore and believed in. As well as we will be look at Ancient Greek family life.

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Gods And Mortals KO History

Gods And Mortals KO Geography


Our topic for this term is called Tremors! This topic is all about the Romans. We will be looking at the Roman Empire and its impact on Britain. We will also be looking at who lived in Britain before the Romans and how the Romans took over. We will end this topic by looking at the chronology of Roman invasion and settlement in Britain on a timeline.

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Tremors Knowledge Organiser History

Tremors Knowledge Organiser Geography