Curriculum Policy

We are proud of our ambitious and creative curriculum. The curriculum at St. Joseph’s is rooted in the teachings of the Catholic Church; the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and the National Curriculum.

To find out more about our Curriculum, please view our Curriculum subjects tab. Alternatively, you may wish to arrange a meeting with your child’s Class Teacher to discuss our Curriculum further.

Our Behaviour Curriculum 

At St Joseph’s Primary and Nursery School we develop children’s character through our behaviour curriculum which is rooted in Christ’s teaching and based on Gospel Virtues. In order to build character, we define the behaviours and habits that we expect students to demonstrate at all times. We want to support our pupils to grow into adults who are polite, respectful, grateful, kind, responsible and who always consider others. We believe that as pupils practise these behaviours, over time they become automatic routines that positively shape how they feel about themselves and how other people perceive them. Overtime, these form part of each child’s character so that they demonstrate the virtues in all areas of their lives.

Behaviour Curriculum