Year 4

Welcome to Year 4 2023-2024!

I am so excited to have you all back at school for a new year! I know you are going to make an amazing Year 4 class. I am looking forward to seeing you grow and develop this year. We have made lots of exciting changes to the classroom so that there are opportunities for you to learn and develop new skills. There will be lots of teachers supporting you with your learning this year who are specialists in their subjects.

Mrs Carlisle will be teaching you Art, DT and Computing.

Mrs Seaman will be teaching you German.

Miss Prescott will be teaching you PE on a Friday.

OLOL Music company will teach Music this year and this will take place on a Thursday.

Please ensure that your PE kit is in for a Tuesday with outdoor PE kit in school with a pair of trainers as we will be using the field for PE lessons too. 

Homework will be given out on a Friday and needs to be back in for the following Wednesday and this will include Maths, English and Spellings each week. Spelling tests will be on a Friday.

As always, if there are any issues or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Egerton

Indus Valley

Our topic for this term is called Indus Valley! This is all about an Ancient Civilisation in South Asia during the Bronze Age era 3300BC to 1300BC. We will learn about the location of the Indus Valley Civilisation and the significance of its location in the Indus Valley near mountains and valleys. We will also be looking at what life was like for people living in this civilisation from the jobs they did to the games they played. We will also be looking their inventions and drawing conclusions on how advanced they were for their time!

Topic Cover Page Advent Y4

Geography Knowledge Organiser

History Knowledge Organiser

I am warrior!

Our topic for this term is called I am warrior! This is all about the Anglo-Saxon’s and the invasion into England and their struggles in the Kingdoms. Know about the Anglo-Saxon settlements and how they ruled their Kingdoms, looking at their civilisation and lifestyles including their religious beliefs and the impact of the Christian conversion. We will also be looking at the impact the Anglo-Saxon’s had on Britain. For the Geography side of this topic will be looking at the invasion of the Anglo Saxons and the physical geography of Britain that attracted them to settle there.

Topic Cover Page Lent Y4

Geography Knowledge Organiser I Am Warrior

History Knowledge Organiser I Am Warrior

Raiders and Traders

Our topic for this term is called Raiders and Traders! This is all about the Viking struggle for the Kingdom of England. We will be thinking about the historical significance of why the Vikings came to Britain and the tactics for invasion including warfare. We will be looking at significant individuals during this time such as Alfred the Great and the belief and lifestyles of Vikings including crime and punishment. In Geography we will be focusing our studies on the coastlines of the UK including its features, settlement and trade. We will use our new knowledge to make comparisons between coastal towns outside of the UK and how they are affected by tourism

Topic Cover Page Pentecost Y4