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Week beginning 8th June

I hope you all had a good week last week and the new format for the work has been ok!


Please read through the document 'Week beginning 8th June' to find out what you are learning about this week.


I have set 3 tasks on MyMaths again if you want to do some extra maths work. You might want to do the lessons first before doing the homework sections for some of the tasks.

Remember to keep logging in to other websites such as TTRS and Read Theory. 

You can also play Hit the Button to practise times tables and number bonds and if you want to practise spellings, go to the Year 3 / 4 section on the Spelling Frame website and there are free games and activities you can do.

You can also go on to Mr and Mrs Stanton's website to keep up with music and German work. 


I miss you all and hope we will be able to see each other again soon. Keep working hard at home! smiley

Remember to keep sending in any photos of what you are doing at home. It's great to see what you are getting up to!