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Trusting in God; Creating Tomorrow; Helping Today

Summer - Week 4

Religious Education (R.E)


Word of the WeekStillness


Please visit YouTube to view our word of the week video on Stillness. Reflect this week by praying the finger labyrinth prayer. You will need a paper labyrinth, either printed from below or drawn and somewhere peaceful to sit. Sit quietly and think about God. Place your finger at the beginning of the labyrinth and follow the path to the centre of the labyrinth. Reflect about what God might be saying to you. You could say a prayer; saying sorry or thanking God for something. Just as we follow a path on the labyrinth we are following a path on our journey with God every day. It is important to find time to sit quietly and reflect on this.

Finger Labyrinth

Pentecost – Serving- Good News


Week Commencing-Monday 11th May

Recognise that Christians are happy at Pentecost and go to church to celebrate the Good News. AT1 (iii)


This week I would like children to explore Pentecost as a celebration. Please share the All about Pentecost PowerPoint provided with your child. Talk about how Catholics view Pentecost like a birthday of Christianity. The feast celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit who is sent to lead and guide people into communion with God. 


Talk about how Catholics attend church on Pentecost day.  That it is a happy festival and the priest wears the colour red to represent flames. Talk about your own experiences of attending mass and celebrating Pentecost day.


I would like children to play a game; reading the words provided and deciding whether they are happy or sad. Parents are of course welcome to help read the words. Some will be less familiar for the children. There is no expectation for you to print the document you can ask children to point to the happy and sad faces on screen. Afterwards, talk about which words are happy and would describe how Catholics feel on Pentecost day.



Please view the reading of 'Where The Wild Things Are' by Maurice Sendak below and print or view the literacy planning and relevant documents.

Where The Wild Things Are | Classic Storybook for Kids

A classic through and through, with its detailed illustration and imaginative plot, follow Max as he makes mischief, throws a tantrum and is sent to bed with...



Your new grapheme this week is ‘er’ (schwa).


Monday – ‘ear’, ‘air’ and ‘ure’ Circle that Word Activity Sheet


Tuesday - ‘er’ Colouring Scene Activity Sheet


Wednesday – ‘er’ Colour by Phoneme Real and Nonsense Words Activity Sheet


Thursday – ‘er’ Phoneme Spotter Story

(Parents to help with reading if needed)


Friday – Visit Phonics Play Website & Play ‘Picnic on Pluto’

(Select Phase 3 – Revise All Phase 3)



Please continue with the forty-five key words - 2/3 spellings per week



 p q g y




Talk to the children about different types of transport and how they are used.


A transport song for your chid to listen to:

Art/ Creative

This week you may do one or two art activities.


1. Can you build a paper boat for Max? How many boats will you make? What will your boat look like?

 Have a look at:  to show you how to create your boat.


2. Can you make your own 'Wild Thing' with bits of material? What would your creature look like? Be as creative as you wish - don't forget to take a photo of your work!





Joe Wickes - YouTube 

Oti Mabuse - YouTube


Hare and the Tortoise - part 1

                                   -  part 2