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Summer - Week 3

Religious Education (R.E)


Word of the WeekBible


Please visit YouTube to view our word of the week video on the Bible. Reflect this week by reading the bible. You will need a hard copy of a bible or an online version. Take the bible and find a story or piece of scripture to read. It might be a favourite piece of scripture from the bible or a new part. You can read along with your family or quietly alone.



Pentecost – Serving- Good News


Week Commencing-Monday 4th May

Recognise the Pentecost story as a religious story. AT1 (i)


This week I would like children to continue exploring the story of Pentecost. Share the story with your child again either using the PowerPoint provided or a children’s bible you already have at home. Talk to children about what happens when in the story. Some examples of questions you could ask them are:


Where did Jesus go when it was time to leave his friends?

How did the friends of Jesus feel after he went back to his Father?

What did Jesus send that would help his friends tell people about God?

Which elements arrived with the Holy Spirit?

What happened on Pentecost day?


I would like children to retell the story in their home learning books. Please print and cut out the pictures provided and stick them into home learning books in the correct order. If you are unable to print simply view the pictures on screen and talk about their order before writing about them. I would like children to write about each picture, recording anything from a label to a simple sentence for each. As always, encourage your child to write as much as they can.



Please view the reading of 'The Way Back Home' by Oliver Jeffers below and download or view the literacy planning and relevant documents.


The way back home - Oliver Jeffers - Story time read aloud for kids - books for KS1 children. This read aloud book for kids is a perfect book for key stage 1...



Your graphemes this week are ‘ear’, ‘air’ and ‘ure’.


Monday – ‘ear’ Colour by Phoneme Real and Nonsense Words Activity Sheet


Tuesday - ‘air’ Colour by Phoneme Real and Nonsense Words Activity Sheet


Wednesday – ‘ear’ and ‘air’ Sounds Matching Activity Sheet


Thursday – ‘ure’ Phoneme Story Spotter

(Parents to help with reading if needed)


Friday – Visit Phonics Play Website & Play Buried Treasure

(Select Phase 3 – Revise All Phase 3)




Continue with the forty-five key words.


This week focus on the letters:

r   n   m  h


Counting to 20.


This week we are focusing on space.


Visit the followiing site for information on all things space:


Talk to your child about space and the different planets. Discuss how astronauts visit space in spaceships, after spending months in training. Focus on Neil Armstrong and his life.

For this week you may do either of the following tasks:

A: label the picture (moon, Neil, space etc)

B: Write a sentence to go with the picture (who is the man? Where is he?)

C: Write about the picture in greater detail (include dates).

Neil Armstrong Work

Art / Design

Make a space helmet. The helmet could be for you, a member of your family or a cuddly bear.


The above website will show you what to do.






Space movements.


(20 minutes) lesson 1:


(20 minutes) lesson 2:


Plus: Joe Wickes on YouTube and Oti for dancing lessons

Don't forget- skipping, running, cycling, balancing and using the whole body to get active!