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Summer - Week 2

Religious Education (R.E)


Word of the WeekCommitment


Please visit YouTube to view our word of the week video on commitment. Reflect by praying the decorated stone prayer. You will need; a medium sized stone, felt tip pens and other art materials for decoration. Pick up the stone, hold it in your hands and think of something you can promise to commit to God, such as love. After you have done this, select a felt tip pen and write the word onto the stone. You can then decorate the stone as you wish.



Week Commencing-Monday 27th April

Use some religious words such as Pentecost, Good News, Alleluia, Easter, Holy Spirit AT1 (ii)


This week I would like children to explore the story of Pentecost and begin thinking about the Holy Spirit. Please read the story by downloading the PowerPoint provided or using a children’s bible you already have at home.


It is difficult at this age for children to understand the abstract concept of the Holy Spirit. The effects of these elements are what we want the children to explore and thereby deepen their understanding.


Here are a few activities you could carry out with your child to help them:

  • Release red balloons (red is the liturgical colour for Pentecost) Talk about the effect of the wind.
  • Blow bubbles in the garden and watch them disappear. Talk about how you blow air into them and how the air carries them away.
  • Fly a kite. Talk about how the wind lifts the kite and helps it to fly.
  • Watch and listen to a wind chime. Talk about how the wind enables music to play.
  • Practise dancing with red, yellow and orange streamers. You could use ribbons, fabrics, crepe paper etc. Talk about how the different colours flicker like flames.


Take photos and stick them into your home learning books or email to school for us to post on the website.





Please view the reading of 'Walking through the Jungle' written by Julie Lacome below and view the literacy planning and relevant documents.

Reading book Level 1: Walking through the jungle

Reading book Level 1



Your graphemes this week are 'ar', 'or' and 'ur'


Monday - 'ar' Piggy Bank Activity


Tuesday - Spot the 'ar' Words Activity Sheet


Wednesday - Find and Write the 'ur' Words Activity Sheet


Thursday - Reading 'or' Phoneme Spotter Story Activity Sheet

(parents to help with reading if needed)


Friday - Visit the Phonics Play Website & Play the Tricky Words Trucks Game

(Select Phase 3) 




Week 2 (counting back)



This week learn the cursive letter formation for the letters:


i  l  t  f



Continue to learn key words from week 1 (no more than three words per week). See how many key words you can find in and around the environment.

Creative / Art


Jungle Theme Art Work:


This week have a look at the art work by  Henri Rousseau  -


Using this as a starting point, create a painting of the jungle - What colours would you see? Would the leaves be large or small? Will you add birds and animals to your painting? Use your imagination - be as creative as you wish!






LI: To know about similarities and differences in relation to places, objects and living things.


Talk to the children about different environments/ habitats and the animals which live there. 

Children can either do a,b, or c

a: Children sort animals into categories – with a parent.

b: Children sort animals into categories – independently.

c: Children sort animals into categories –independently and write a sentence about each of the environments.

Topic work to print off



P.E  and  Music


Over the week have a look at the following sites for music and movement lessons. 


Join in on BBC Bitesize music: 

Exercise those vocal chords and learn some new songs.


 Developing listening skills at : 


Movement lesson 1:


Movement lesson 2:


Movement lesson 3: