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Week 2


We would love to see some of your home learning taking place. Please feel free to email photos to school at



Our focus author this half term was Ian Whybrow. Amongst other stories he co-authored Harry and his Bucket Full of Dinosaurs. Please listen to a reading of this below.


Once you have listened to the story, print the dinosaur page border and write about the activities the dinosaurs did with Harry.  Your child could make a list of these activities, writing a one word label for each or choose a couple of activities to write a sentence or two about. Completed work can be stuck into home learning books or take a photo and email to school.

Dinosaur Lined Template

Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs - Give Us A Story

Harry loves his dinosaurs. But when they get lost will Harry be able to find them? Stories for kids read with love and funny voices! Please subscribe and sen...



Your graphemes this week are 'igh' and 'oi'


Monday - Trigraph Colouring igh Activity Sheet


Tuesday - igh Phoneme Spotter Story (parents to help read the story)


Wednesday - oi Colour by Phoneme Real and Nonsense Words Activity Sheet


Thursday - oi Phoneme Spotter Story (parents to help read the story)


Friday - Writing words containing both 'igh' and 'oi' graphemes  - high, join, night, coin, fight, soil, light, foil, sight (you could use magnetic letters, chalk  outdoors, felt tips on large pieces of paper etc.)



Copy and learn the letter formations: c,a,o,q,g,d



Positional language



Please visit YouTube to view our word of the week video on 'Sacrifice'. Reflect by praying the 'Collage Cross Prayer'. You will need; a cross outline, small pieces of coloured paper and a glue stick. Take a moment to think about the sacrifice Jesus made for us. Take a piece of coloured paper and stick it inside the cross template to represent the sacrifice he made.


In R.E we are looking at 'The Easter Story'. Please download the document below to share the story with your child. Once you have read the story together print and cut out the pictures provided. I would like children to order the pictures in the sequence of the story and label them with a couple of words or a sentence for each picture. Please encourage your child to write as much as possible. If it helps, you can break the activity up into stages. For example, order the pictures first then add writing after having a break. Completed work can be stuck in home learning books.



Don't forget to go in the garden and play with equipment you have at home - trikes, skipping, hopping,jumping, running and climbing are all good forms of exercise for the whole body.


Joe Wicks via Youtube (9:00 - 9:30am)


Part Two - Dragons and Knights



Creative Project (Art/ Design)


Make and create a magical egg belonging to a dragon!


This link will give you step-by-step instructions on how to make papier mache. 

(You may find other websites more useful for this task)


You will need:


PVA glue - (If you have no PVA glue a mix of 2 parts flour: 1 part water will act like glue once dry)


paint brush


This activity will take a number of days to complete (3 layers of paper / drying time/ painting time etc).

If  you find you have no balloons /glue/flour in the house - scrunch up paper to resemble an egg shape - tape the shape together and decorate.



Continue observing the 'bean' - has it changed yet? Keep a record in your book.


Make your own plant pot - follow the instructions from this site:


Investigation work: Can you plant any seeds or vegetable from scraps?