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Wednesday 6th May

Wednesday 6th May 2020




Today, we are moving on to algebra using letters.


Letters are used in algebra to replace numbers. They are used to show a missing number which we have looked at a lot over the last few weeks.


Today, we are going to start by me giving you what the missing number is and you using this to find the answer to calculations e.g.

b + 5 =

here b is just representing that we have a number missing. It could be a box or question mark- it means the same thing!

If we say b = 10.

Then it would become 10 + 5 = 15 so our answer = 15.

The letter can represent any number!


If c= 9.       c x 4 =

9 x 4 = 36. You just need to put the given number in the place of the letter.


Have a look at the PowerPoint below for more information on this idea. When you have done this, please have a go at the worksheet below which completes some of these ideas. You can do it on the sheet or write them straight into your homework book. Enjoy!


Please also have a go on TT rockstars!  Keep going on that battle! The girls are winning! 




Today is Guided Reading day. Today, we are going to complete it with one of our unseen texts. Below you will find a picture of the text. Please read this through before you try to answer the questions. The questions are also listed below. Please answer these into your homework book as usual. I will post the answers to these tomorrow so you can check!




Today, you are starting your new topic about Light!


Before we do this though, you should have completed the Science test at some point over the last week. If you haven’t, please take the time to do this today. When you have finished this, please check your answers with the answers given on today’s page!


Today’s new topic of light means you have a new knowledge organiser. You will find this below. Have a look at this before starting your new Topic and use it to help you throughout this Topic. Please have a look at the Powerpoint below on Light.


When you have looked this through, please have a go at the worksheet below. You need to draw arrows on this to show how the person sees the objects. If you can’t print this off, you could draw similar diagrams into your homework book and draw the arrows on. They don’t need to be works of art!

You can check to see if you are correct by looking at the answer sheet as well!


Remember I love seeing your work and the fun things you are doing! Keep sending them to