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Wednesday 25th March

Learning for Wednesday 25.03.20

Please try to complete this learning wherever possible! Don't forget about your logins as well for TT rockstars, spelling shed, readtheory and


Maths- Complete ½ of your Arithmetic Set A Paper 1. When you have completed this, mark this using the mark scheme provided. Check any areas you have got wrong using MyMaths or by googling Year 6 with the topic you are unsure about. Try these questions again now you know what to do!

TT Rockstar Battle- From 9am today, there will be a battle against Year 5 for one week. Let’s see if we can win it this time!


English- Guided Reading. Your Guided reading book is now Sherlock Holmes which can be found on Oxford Owl. You can read along with this or use it as an audio book. There are some questions to be completed in your homework book to the best of your ability. This week’s questions are based on Chapter 1 of this book.


Please try to go on read theory and try the first quiz if you have not already to get your level!




In last week’s lesson, the children learnt that fingerprints are NOT inherited from their parents. Could children who weren’t in, watch the video and write a short paragraph explaining how and when they are formed. All children could then investigate the fingerprints in their family. They could ask relatives to let them know which type they have. They could record their own fingerprints in their book.

How to take a fingerprint.

Draw on an area of paper with a pencil until it is quite dark.

Rub the finger you want to print over the dark pencil area.

Take a piece of sticky tape and place it over your finger and carefully lift off the print.

Stick the sticky tape into your book.

Children could create a table in their homework books to show their results:

Fingerprint type

Amount of people







Which is the most common type of fingerprint in their family?

Which is the least common?


Use the image below to help you!