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Wednesday 25th March

Wednesday 25th March


Well done for working hard so far on your home learning! Thank you to parents for helping your children with their learning. I hope everything has been going well so far. It is great to see so many of you logging in to MyMaths, TTRS, spelling shed and read theory. 



Please log on to MyMaths and complete the "Interpreting Data" task. Remember that if the question asks you "How many more?" or "How many fewer?" you need to subtract (greatest number take away the smallest number). You don't have to do the calculations in your head if the numbers are big - you can work it out on paper. 

Please also remember to click on the Mark it button after each question, otherwise it might say that you've got 0 correct or I might not be able to see your score. 


Guided reading

I have attached below the guided reading questions for your group. There were no guided reading books left in anyone's tray so hopefully you all have them at home! As always with guided reading, if you are struggling on a question, leave it and go back to it at the end. If you're still not sure at the end, just have a go. Try to answer in full sentences, like we do at school. The questions this week are inference questions. This means the answers might not be in the book. Some questions might ask you "What do you think...?" or "Why do you think...?" so you are using what you know from the story to answer why you think something.



If you haven't already, please have a look at the spellings I posted on Monday and keep practising them. 

Please also log on to Spelling Shed and have a go at some spellings on there. So far, our class has got the most points out of all of the classes. Well done! smiley

The login details for Spelling Shed were given out on the last day so if you haven't got them or have lost your login details for any of the websites, if you email the school email address, I will be able to reply and give you your login details. It is better to email than phone, as I won't be in school every day.


You might also want to take a look at Joe Wicks workout videos, which I had put the link to on the main Year 3 Home Learning page. His videos are a great way to stay active and it's lots of fun!