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Wednesday 22nd April

Wednesday 22nd April 2020


We are going to continue to look at angles. Have a look at the PowerPoint below which looks at angles on straight line. Remember angles on a straight line add up to 180 degrees.

Sometimes you are only given one angle on the straight line and you need to find the missing angle.

E.g. If we know one angle = 60 degrees and they must add up to 180 degrees so it must be 60 + ? = 180.

You might be able to work these out mentally but if not we are going to use the inverse to find the missing number (the opposite)

180 – 60 = 120 degrees.


When you have been through the PowerPoint, have a go at the worksheet. You can either print it off and work on there or put the answers straight into your homework book.


I have also attached the next week of 5 in 5 in case you want to have a go at these at any point!



Today is Guided Reading day. Below you will find the questions for Sherlock Holmes Chapter 3 and 4. Sherlock Holmes is on your Oxford Owl website with the login provided. Go onto ebooks, then age 9-11 and then find Sherlock Holmes. Read Chapter 1 and 2 again to ensure you can answer the questions to the best of your ability.

It is: username: year6eq

Password: Year6EQ

Please have a go at the questions in your homework book and I will put the answers on tomorrow again so you can check your answers!


Make sure you keep practicing your spellings ready for your test on Friday!



Below you will find the Science. This is a PowerPoint all about DNA. This will tell you all about DNA and the discovery of this. You have two tasks to complete on the end of this PowerPoint.

  1. Copy the paragraph into your homework book filling in the missing words.
  2. Have a go at creating your own 3d model of DNA. Be creative! You can use sweets, straws, paper, anything you can find! Take pictures and send them in if you can! Stick in your picture if you can and label it!

If you can’t find anything to do this with, draw it in your homework book!


Remember I love seeing your work and the fun things you are doing! Keep sending them to