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Wednesday 20th May

Wednesday 20th May


I hope you are all enjoying the nice weather this week! smiley




Today we are looking at right angles. Please take a look at the document below to find out what you are doing.

I have attached the right angle tester below, both as a word document and a PDF so that you can make it smaller if you want to, if you are printing it out. 


Guided Reading


After the holidays we will start some new books on the Oxford Owl website. As our topic is still ancient Greece, today I would like you to complete a reading comprehension about a Greek myth. The reading comprehension has different levels to it. When you open the document you will see at the bottom left corner of the page, there are stars. One star is the easiest, then 2 stars and then 3 stars is the most difficult. It is the same reading comprehension but the more stars it is, the harder the text and the questions are. It is up to you which level of difficulty you would like to try. However, if you are reading brown or grey books or higher, then I would recommend trying the 2 or 3 star work. 

The answers for each set of questions are also attached so you could take a look at these after you have answered your questions.


Spelling and Handwriting


Keep practising your spellings ready to test yourself on them on Friday! Please also spend some time practising your handwriting, either on handwriting paper or in your morning book. You could keep practising the Year 3 / 4 words, as you are then practising spelling and your handwriting at the same time.