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Wednesday 1st April


Maths- For your next Maths, you are going to look at more conversion between g and kg. 

1kg= 1000g so 5000g= 5kg and 0.75kg= 750g.

You need to complete one of the given sheets- they increase in difficulty so you can choose the level you would like to complete! Challenge yourself! Write this table into your book with the correct conversions.

You can then check your answers with the same sheet. Just look under the table you have completed to find the answers! 

When you have completed this, please have a look at the next sheet which is all about measuring weight. You need to read the scales and work out what the weight would be or draw the hands on the scale at the correct place. Remember if the arrow isn’t pointing at a numbered line, you need to work out with the intervals between each number would be e.g. is it going up in 10s, 20s, 25s, 50s etc.


Try your next 5 in 5 as well! I'm sure you're doing so well!


English- This is your Guided Reading day! Below you will find the questions for Sherlock Holmes Chapter 2. Sherlock Holmes is on your Oxford Owl website with the login provided. Go onto ebooks, then age 9-11 and then find Sherlock Holmes. Read Chapter 1 and 2 again to ensure you can answer the questions to the best of your ability.

It is: username: year6eq

Password: Year6EQ

Please have a go at the questions in your homework book and I will put the answers on tomorrow again so you can check your answers!


Science- Below, you will find the Science.  This is a PowerPoint all about inherited traits (traits we inherit from our parents and families). Please read through this and complete the given task on inherited traits. Check which of the traits you have/ can do and find out from your parents (and ancestors) who you have inherited these from!


Feel free to send us any pictures of your amazing home learning! Send these to         I know you will be working hard! 

Keep safe!

Miss Queenan