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Wednesday 1st April

Wednesday 1st April



Today you will be continuing to look at telling the time to the nearest minute. If you found it difficult yesterday, you might want to watch the video again.

Please complete the worksheet which is attached below. Remember to count on in 5s and then 1s if the minute hand is past the hour and count back around the clock in 5s and then 1s if the minute hand is pointing to the hour. I have also attached the answers so you can mark your work afterwards and see how you have done. Telling the time isn't the easiest so please don't worry if you are struggling with it. Just try your best with it!


Remember that we still have a boys v girls battle on TTRS which finishes on Friday. The boys are still winning by lots of points!


Guided Reading

Please find the questions for your group attached below. Remember to try to answer in full sentences like we do at school.

Please also log on to Read Theory and complete at least one reading activity.



If you haven't already, you might want to start practising the spellings that were put on here on Monday. Please also log on to Spelling Shed and have a go at practising some spellings on there. Our class have still got the most points out of all classes. Well done! smiley