St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

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Trusting in God; Creating Tomorrow; Helping Today

Wb 29th June

Hi Year 6,

Hope you are still safe, well and happy! Today (Monday) marks 17 school days left of Year 6 and your time at St Joseph's! I am so proud of how well you have coped during this difficult period- let's enjoy our last few weeks together or not. smiley

Below is your home learning for this week and any sheets you will need for this. 

Please look at the Leavers' section in particular and try your hardest to complete these if possible if you haven't already: 

  • Please send in a baby photo or photo of you as a young child for a Leavers' presentation. You can either drop this at school or email it to
  • Please send in a photo of you in your school uniform (if possible) holding a sign- it can just be a piece of paper- with your wish for life written on it e.g. to be happy, to be a doctor, to have a family, to visit every country in the world. Again, you can either drop this at school or email it to
  • Also, please record yourself saying one of the lines from the last verse of our Leavers Poem. You can please again send this to 
  • Last ever second of primary school

    The full stop rings in our ears

    But a thousand chapters left to write

    We must vacate our childhood site

    For we will be little stars that blink, and fade

    But never burn out.


    Thank you so much in advance for your help!