St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

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Wb 1st June

Hello everyone,


I hope you had a lovely half term and are ready for your final half term at St Joseph's! This week, some of you may be returning to school but if you're not, please don't worry as work will still be put on this website for you to complete at home each week. This will be exactly the same or very similar to what we are completing in school. However, the home learning may look slightly different to the work that has been put on in previous weeks. Rather than setting work every day, the work for the week will be put on in a document on the Monday of each week. This will contain various Maths and English activities, a Topic project, some handwriting, reading, RE and wellbeing. Any documents needed for these activities will be found below as well. The activities can be completed in any order and whenever you are able to during the week. There is no set activity or time period set for each day. The only aim is to have all the activities completed by the end of the week. This is to increase your independence and choice in your home learning!


If you complete all the activities from the document and would like extra work to complete, don't forget about all the online resources you have access to such as:

  • TT Rockstars
  • Oxford Owl
  • Read Theory
  • MyMaths (you can complete the lessons on there)
  • Any other Y6/KS2 websites.


There are going to be a lot of changes to our lives in the next few weeks and you need to look after your health and that of others (at home or in school) Remember to keep good hygiene especially washing hands regularly and remember social distancing  (2m apart!). I continue to be so proud of each and every one of you and truly hope we get to be all together again. 

Miss you all,

Miss Queenan smiley