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Tuesday 5th May

Tuesday 5th May



Please log on to MyMaths today and complete the tasks 'More fractions' and 'Fractions on the number line'.


For Q2 on 'More fractions' remember the division methods you have learnt that you can use to help you, e.g. sharing the tens and the ones out into boxes/circles or sharing the tens and ones out into rows. Remember that if you can't share your tens equally, you will need to exchange them for ones.


On 'Fractions on a number line' for Q1 it would be good to use a fraction wall to help you.
For Q2 look at the box at the bottom which says Denominator and change it to whichever denominator your fraction has. This will separate the number line up equally and you will be able place the fraction on the number line.


If you don't know your login details or have lost them, if you phone or email school, I will be able to pass them on.



Take a look at the document below to find out what you are doing for your English work.



Please read through the PowerPoint from Mrs Clayton and complete the activity.