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Tuesday 5th May

Tuesday 5th May 2020



Today, we are going to continue to look at algebra by looking at function machines. This is similar to our work on sequences with that it contains rules to follow.



Think of it as a machine. We input a number into the machine. In this example, we then have to x 4 and then -1 to find the answer.

e.g. I start with 10. I then x 4 = 40 and then I -1 = 39. So my answer is 39.

We can also find a missing function.


So here, we can see what has happened to the numbers to find out what the function was. 170- ? = 90

170-90= 80 so 170-80= 90 so the missing function is -80.

Have a look at this lesson:

Please then complete the homework on this! Remember to check out so I can see how well you have done!

Please also have a go on TT rockstars!  Keep going on that battle! The girls are winning! 



Today, we are going to look at relative clauses! This is something you are really good at so you should find this relatively simple. However, we are going to look at how we can use relative clauses without the relative pronoun e.g.


Mary offered Jim the cake that the dog had licked.

The relative pronoun is ‘that’ but we don’t need it in this sentence!


It could be Mary offered Jim the cake the dog had licked.


We are going to look at when it is okay to do this. Please have a look at the PowerPoint to look at these in more detail. You are then going to write 8 sentences using this correctly! Be as creative as you like!




For Topic, we are continuing with our Hola Mexico! Topic. Today, we are going to start to look at a very well-known Mexican tradition called Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead. Please have a look at the Powerpoint below to learn all about this fascinating tradition. When you have done this, please have a go at the little quiz about this event. Try your hardest to not look back at the Powerpoint and information sheet but do check if you are really stuck. Check your answers at the end to make sure you have learnt these things correctly!


Remember I love seeing your work and the fun things you are doing! Keep sending them to