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Tuesday 31st March

Tuesday 31st March



I hope yesterday's maths went well! Today you will be looking at telling the time to the nearest minute.

Please first watch this video which explains how to tell the time to the nearest minute.


Then please complete the worksheet below. I have attached the answer sheet as well so you can mark your work and see how you've done. If you are struggling while you are doing the worksheet, you might want to look back at the video. Remember to count on in 5s and then 1s if the minute hand is past the hour and count back around the clock in 5s and then 1s if the minute hand it pointing to the hour. If you mark your work and haven't got many right, try to see if you can work out where you have gone wrong. Your answers might be slightly different to mine, as it isn't always easy to see the exact minute that the hand is on, especially if you are looking at it on a screen rather than printed out. Just try your best with it! smiley



Please complete the next part of the shared write which is attached below.



Mrs Clayton has given you some challenge cards to look at for science which are attached below.



Please also read through your knowledge organiser for Flow. I've attached it below in case you can't find it. Later in the week, I will attach the Flow Quiz for you to have a go at.