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Tuesday 31st March

Home learning for Tuesday 31.03.20


Maths- On MyMaths, you will find two sets of questions on length and conversion linking to our measurement topic. One is looking at units of length so understanding mm, cm and m. You need to be able to estimate (have a good guess) at the length of some items before working out the height/length of things using conversion. The second one is converting between mm, cm and m.

Remember: 10mm = 1cm

100cm= 1m

1000m= 1km.

There is a knowledge organiser on this below which could help you if you get stuck so use this and these conversions e.g. 4cm= 40mm.     0.5m= 50cm.


TT Rockstars- Keep trying on that battle!  You’re doing so well- so proud!


English- The next word class we are going to revise is Pronouns. These replace nouns so we don’t keep repeating them e.g. Sophie went to the shop and she bought cheese. Below, you will find a sheet on pronouns to complete in your homework book. Firstly you need to circle the pronouns, put a box around the proper nouns (the names for things- these need a capital letter) and underline the nouns (person, place or thing). Some may not fit into any category so don’t worry! You then need to find the noun and the pronoun that replaces it! Have a go!

Use the PowerPoint if you get stuck!


Also, please log onto spelling shed and have a go at the spelling games and tasks that are on there for at least 15 minutes. If you don’t have a login for this, please email school and we will be able to sort this for you. Thank you!


Topic- During WWII, children were often evacuated. This mean that children were sent away from their homes to live with other families in the countryside as it was safer than living in the big cities. There is a powerpoint below that will remind you of evacuation and you can watch this video to imagine what it was like to be an evacuee. Imagine you have been evacuated and are living with a new family far away. You are going to write a letter or a postcard (template below if you want it) to your parents to tell them what your life is like there and what you are doing. Remember you will be living in the countryside or may be on a farm so make sure that the activities you are describing match this and remember you wouldn’t want to worry your family, so tell them about all the good things you are doing! I look forward to reading them!



The word of the week is Promise. If you can and are able to, please could you send a video of yourself or someone at home answering one (or all!) of these questions: What does promise mean to you? When have you made a promise? Why are promises important? You can send this to if possible. Thank you so much!


Keep yourself safe!