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Tuesday 28th April

Tuesday 28th April 2020


Hello Year 6, 

I'm so proud of how hard you are working! Please keep it up!




We are going to continue to look at angles. Today, you are going to look at something called vertically opposite angles.

These are angles that look like this:


Vertically Opposite Angles are where two straight lines meet and create four angles around the point. Vertically opposite angles are equal in size so the angles opposite for each other are equal.

Go to this website again:


You will need Summer Term- Week 1- Lesson 1- Vertically Opposite Angles

Please watch the video and complete the given task. When you have done this, please complete the sheet finding the missing angles. You can either print this off or complete them straight into your homework book. You won't be able to complete Q1 unless you have a protractor so don't worry!

The answers will also be up so you can check your answers yourself!


Please also have a go on TT rockstars!  The battle starts tomorrow so be ready!



Today we are looking at something called Onomatopoeia. This is where words that sound like what they mean for example smash, buzz, bang and crash. Have a look at this video which explains this:


When you have finished, look through the PowerPoint on this and complete the given tasks about onomatopoeia. You need to read the description and write an onomatopoeia word for this e.g. door slamming = bang, crash.  E.g. getting a paper cut= cried, groan.


I have also attached your spellings for this week- please practice them for a Friday test! 




Today you are going to start writing a non-chronological report about Mexico. I have attached the plan below. Please write this up into your homework book. You have today and Friday’s Topic time to complete this so don’t rush or feel you have to complete it in one go unless you want to.

Please write this up in full sentences and try to include some of the things we have worked on this year like:

  • Subordinate, relative and non-finite clauses
  • Semi colons, dashes and colons
  • Passive Voice
  • Linking Adverbs
  • Adverbials of time, place and manner,
  • Modal Verbs/Generalising words.

Just try your best! If you don’t know what something means on the plan, please ask an adult or research this so you know how to write this out correctly.



Remember I love seeing your work and the fun things you are doing! Keep sending them to