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Tuesday 24th March

Learning for Tuesday 24.03.20

Maths- Have a look at the attached sheet. In class, we were looking at perimeter and area of rectangles. To work these out you need to:

Perimeter- Find all the lengths of the sides of the rectangle. Add these all together and ensure your answer has the correct units e.g. cm, mm, m.

Area- Multiply the length and the width of the rectangle. Make sure the answers have the correct units e.g. cm2, mm2, m2

Your task is to find out whether a rectangle can have the same area and perimeter e.g your perimeter might be 20cm and so your area would need to be 20cm2. This is an investigation so you may need to spend some time on this completing trial and error and getting it wrong sometimes to find the possible answer. If you have found one way, try and find another way to complete this! How many can you find?


If you are not sure about area and perimeter, use the MyMaths lesson on this to complete this work.


English- Active and Passive. As revision, we are going to look at active and passive voice. Remember passive voice moves the object to the beginning of the sentence and uses by …. at the end of the sentence. If it is not there, use by zombies to check whether it is passive voice. Use this website to help if you are not sure:

Find the sheet attached below. You need to decide whether they are active or passive sentences and then write them in the opposite form e.g. The dragon was eating the knight= active. The knight was eaten by the dragon= Passive.


Topic- Our Topic is A Child’s War (WWII). You are going to look at the difference between our homes today and homes in WWII. Look at the images of houses in WWII and research the differences and similarities between these and your home today. Can you complete a Venn diagram with the similarities and differences with these? You can draw one in your book or use the template below. If you can’t do this, make a table with the similarities and differences within these.

Use this website: to help if you need.