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Tuesday 24th March

Tuesday 24th March



Please log on to MyMaths and complete the task "Pictograms and bar charts". Remember to look at the key for the pictogram questions. We haven't learnt about bar charts yet this year but you will have learnt about them in Year 2. Please go onto the lesson first before completing the homework section to remind yourself about pictograms and bar charts. 


Please also log in to Times Tables Rockstars and complete one soundcheck session. 

Remember that we have a boys v girls battle at the moment. So far, the boys are winning!



Please complete the worksheet attached below which is about when to use 'a' and 'an'. Remember that we use 'a' before a word starting with a consonant sound and 'an' before a word starting with a vowel sound.


Vowels: a, e, i, o, u

Consonants: every other letter


Remember that there are exceptions. It would be 'a unicorn'. Although unicorn starts with a vowel, 'u', the first letter sounds like 'y'. 



Please also log on to Read Theory. If you haven't completed the pre test then please do this. Then please do at least one reading activity on the website. Try to read for at least 15 minutes every day, whether that is your reading book, using Oxford Owl or Read Theory.


Remember that you also have science and topic work which you can complete at some point this week.