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Tuesday 21st April

Tuesday 21st April 2020




We are going to continue to look at angles. Have a look at the powerpoint below which explains different types of angles. 


A right angle= 90 degrees.

A acute angle= anything less than 90 degrees.

An obtuse angle = anything greater than 90 degrees but smaller than 180 degrees.

A straight line angle= 180 degrees. (2 right angles or 2 quarter turns)

A reflex angle =  larger than 180 degrees up to 360 (a full turn)


When you have been through this powerpoint, log on to MyMaths and have a go at the angles work on there! Remember to check out at the end of the work so I can see how well you have done!




Below, you will find a PowerPoint about double bridge sentences. This will explain about these double bridge sentences which add more description to a sentence.  Press the sound buttons and you might hear a familiar voice explaining about these angles! (hopefully it works!)

When you have read through this, please complete the task below for this including writing out sentences identifying the double bridge parts of the sentence and adding these in to given subjects! Be creative!

Make sure you keep practicing your spellings ready for your test on Friday!



Today, we are going to start our new topic- Hola Mexico!

Before we do that, make sure you have completed your Child’s War quiz! I have attached the answers for this or you can use the knowledge organiser to help you check your work. Have a look at the new Knowledge Organiser for Hola Mexico to help you for this topic as well!


Today, we are going to start the topic by learning about Mexico. Please read through the Powerpoint on Mexico and learn some facts about this country. When you have done this, you are going to complete a fact file about Mexico. Please use the Powerpoint and any online research to find out about Mexico including its capital city, its climate and population. You can fill in the given fact file or you can write it straight into your homework book. You could even present it however you want to- poster, powerpoint etc! Be creative!


Remember I love seeing your work and the fun things you are doing! Keep sending them to


Keep safe,

Miss Queenan