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Tuesday 12th May

Tuesday 12th May


Remember to keep sending any photos/videos of what you are doing at home to or StJAShirebrook on Twitter and I will upload them onto our class page. It's great to see what you are up to! smiley I'm still missing you all! 



Please go to:

Go to Summer Term Week 2 (w/c 27th April) – Lesson 1 Add Fractions and watch the video.

While you are watching the video, it might tell you to pause it at certain points and complete some questions. Please take a look at the question sheet I have attached below called ‘Add Fractions’. Once you have finished the questions, you can check your answers using the answer sheet. If you are struggling while you are doing the worksheet, take another look at the video. 



Take a look at the document below. Today you are finishing the shared write.

Please also log on to Read Theory and complete at least 2 reading activities. Try to keep reading as often as you can.



Take a look at the PowerPoint presentation from Mrs Clayton and complete the activity sheets.