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Tuesday 12th May

Tuesday 12th May 2020




Yesterday, we looked at circles. As this is a completely new topic and one you will revisit during secondary school, we are going to revise this today.

Please do the lesson again on these and look at your work from yesterday. Remember:

 and the radius is half of the diameter so

If the radius= 10 cm , the diameter would be 20cm

If the diameter is 80cm, the radius would be 40cm.


When you feel confident on this again, please look at MyMaths. Your homework will be on there on circles. See if you can do it without any help and get 100%. Remember to check out so I can see your amazing scores!



Today would’ve been your SATs reading test so again we are going to complete a silly reading test to remember this! You will find this below. There is what looks like a reading text with questions to answer but you will see there is something fun about it! J When you have finished this, there is a quiz to complete again. This time it is all about books! You have been given books to figure out their titles from the emoji clue e.g.

  1.  cat in the hat!

I’ll put the answers up so have fun trying to figure them out!




We are going to continue our work on the Day of the Dead. Please have a look at the PowerPoint below to remind you about the festival. One of the major parts of Dia de los Muertos are the masks that the people wear. Skeletons are a constant emblem of the day of the dead. The skulls especially are used introduce children to the idea of death so they are not afraid of it. They always have beautiful patterns and bright colours.

Have a look at the skull document which shows some designs and images of the skulls. When you are ready, there are some blank skull templates. You can print these off or draw the skull into your homework book. You can then add the colours and patterns to make your own dia de los muertos skull design! Remember they all contain bright colours, big designs and lots of flowers and crosses. I can't wait to see them!


Remember I love seeing your work and the fun things you are doing! Keep sending them to


REMEMBER if you haven’t already: Yearbook

We are really hoping to be able to get a Yearbook put together for you all to remember your time at St Joseph’s. We will try everything we can to do this! To do this, I need some information about you all to put in the Yearbook.

There is a document below to fill in but all I really need to know if what your ambition is for the future e.g. what you would like to do for a job or career when you grow up and what your favourite memory of St Mary’s is!

Please have a think about these and email this document or just the answer to these two questions to

You could drop it off at school if you live nearby and can’t email this. To do this, please just leave it in the foyer of school so there is no contact between you and the members of staff and children in school for everyone’s safety. If you can’t do this, you could ring school and tell the answers to these to a member of staff who will write these down and pass them on. Please try the other methods if possible though.