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The Titanic  travelled  from Southampton to New York .The captain of the ship(John Smith)was a very unreliable captain .The Titanic sunk in 1912. The construction of the Titanic was completed in Belfast, Ireland –it wasn’t made very well. This is because it didn’t have enough life boats on board for the people to escape and they used poor materials to make the ship .The captain ignored 7 icebergs warnings which was very unsafe because there was an iceberg straight ahead. The children and women were the only ones allowed to escape the ship however the men had to stay on board since they were brave at the time .The lifeboats only were enough for 60 women and children ;they were only putting 27 people on the lifeboats because people were too desperate to get away . This meant more people died than needed to.  The Carpathia ship saved the people on the Titanic which survived the tragedy of the unsinkable ship .



1. 1908-1909- Making the Titanic- Belfast, Ireland. 

2. 10th April 1912- Titanic set sail. 

3. 14th April 1912- The Titanic struck the iceberg. 

4. 15th April 1912- The order is given for lifeboats to be unloaded with people. 

5. 15th April 1912 2.20am- The ship sinks, killing hundreds of people. 

6. 15th April 1912 8.50 am- The Carpathia leaves with 705 survivors. 

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