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The Titanic is an awful bit of our past, which everyone wishes never happened. The tragedy killed almost all its passengers. Although, there are some survivors but they are all dead by now. During Queen Elizabeth’s reign, a ship set out, called the Titanic. Sold to be unsinkable, people took many tickets, awaiting the wonderful and so called safe experience. Unfortunately, it crashed in the Iceberg. Here is a timeline of some of the next events:

April 15th 12.00am- The captain calls for help over the radio. 

12.05am- The first lifeboat is readied- there is only room for half the people on board. 

12.45am- The first lifeboat is safely lowered away with less people than it should have carried. 

2.05- The last lifeboat leaves and the other people sadly drown. 



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On the Titanic, there were over 2000 people on board but only a minor amount of 700 survived. This fatal death was caused by awful precautions by the crew members and almost empty lifeboats, being let down. There is one survivor called Agnes Bengston, travelling with her family. There were six reports this year from elderly, sharing their experiences. Going through the same experience, Ellen Shine survived.