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Thursday 7th May

Thursday 7th May 2020

There will be no work posted tomorrow as it is a bank holiday to celebrate VE day. We learnt about this during our WWII topic. Watch the news, have a look online to remind yourself of what happened on this date 75 years ago! You can make some bunting if you want something creative to do to celebrate!



Today, we are carrying on with algebra. So remember: letters are used in algebra to replace numbers. They are used to show a missing number which we have looked at a lot over the last few weeks.

Yesterday, we looked at being given the missing number to find the answer to calculations e.g. d – 9 . If d = 30, it would be 30-9 = 21.


Today, we are going to look at when you have the answer and need to find the missing letter e.g.

a + 25 = 36.

So something + 25 = 36

Just like we did before to find missing numbers, we are going to use the inverse (opposite) 36-25= 11 so a =11.


Have a look at the PowerPoint below for more information on this idea. When you have done this, please have a go at the worksheet below which completes some of these ideas.

You can do it on the sheet or write them straight into your homework book. There is a challenge at the bottom of the page- try this if you can! Enjoy!



We are really hoping to be able to get a Yearbook put together for you all to remember your time at St Joseph’s. We will try everything we can to do this! To do this, I need some information about you all to put in the Yearbook.


There is a document below to fill in but all I really need to know is what secondary school you are going to, what your ambition is for the future e.g. what you would like to do for a job or career when you grow up, what your favourite subject is and what your favourite memory of St Joseph's is!


Please have a think about these and email this document or just the answer to these three questions to


You could drop it off at school if you live nearby and can’t email this. To do this, please just leave it in the foyer of school so there is no contact between you and the members of staff and children in school for everyone’s safety. If you can’t do this, you could ring school and tell the answers to these to a member of staff who will write these down and pass them on. Please try the other methods if possible though.

Thank you so much!



Today, we are continuing our work on witnesses. One of the big events in the Christian calendar is the ascension of Jesus. This is where Jesus ascended into heaven to live with God. The disciples watched this happen. Please read the scripture about this which I have attached below.

We are then going to think about what the disciples would have to do next. E.g. they would discuss with the other disciple what you should do next, plan how to tell everyone, spread the word of what has happened with others.


You need to create a list of instructions for the disciples.

Level 3- Give reasons for each of these instructions e.g. spread the ascension story because people need to know that Jesus really was the son of God.

Level 4- How could this shape your life as a disciple? You could just do this at a paragraph at the end. E.g. people might not believe you and could ridicule and be unkind to you.


Try and think of at least 5 instructions for them of what to do next!


Remember I love seeing your work and the fun things you are doing! Keep sending them to