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Thursday 30th April

Thursday 30th April



Remember to keep going on the TTRS battle against Year 5! Well done to those of you who have been on it.

I hope a few of the questions on yesterday’s work were ok. Today’s lesson is much easier.

Please go to:

Go to Week 2 Lesson 5 – Equivalent fractions (1) and watch the video.

While you are watching the video, it might tell you to pause it at certain points and complete some questions. Please take a look at the question sheet I have attached below called ‘Equivalent fractions (1)’. Once you have finished the questions, you can check your answers using the answer sheet. If you are struggling while you are doing the worksheet, take another look at the video. If you’re really not sure, you could miss a question out and go back to it at the end. Don’t worry if you are finding some questions difficult, just try your best with it!


I have also attached a Fraction Wall which might be useful to help you with the next few lessons on equivalent fractions. The fraction wall helps you to see which fractions are the same as other fractions. For example, find 1/2 on the fraction wall. If you go down, you can see that 1/2 is the same as 2/4 and 3/6 and 4/8 and 5/10 and 6/12. They are all equivalent fractions.



Take a look at the document ‘Non – Finite Clauses’ to find out what you are doing today. The document ‘English Picture Cards’ is to help you with your work.

We have learnt about non-finite clauses earlier in the year so this is recapping what you have already learnt.



Take a look at the document 'RE' to find out what you are doing in today’s lesson. Then open the document 'The Ascension'.



Read through the PowerPoint presentation 'Reflective Surfaces' from Mrs Clayton and have a go at the activity sheets.