St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

A Voluntary Academy

Trusting in God; Creating Tomorrow; Helping Today

Thursday 2nd April


Maths- Please find your Set A Reasoning Paper 3. This is the final paper of the Set A work in your Maths pack. Please complete the other half of this paper (complete this paper). Work through these questions which will test a range of topics covered this year. If you get stuck, look up the topic you are struggling with online or use the lessons on MyMaths to complete this. When you have finished, mark these questions using your mark scheme. Try any you got wrong again and see if you can improve!


Remember to keep trying your 5 in 5s questions!


English- On Tuesday, we worked on pronouns. These replace a noun to avoid the repetition of it. Today, we are focusing on possessive pronouns. These are pronouns that show that someone owns the noun in the sentence e.g. mine, yours, ours, its. Below, you will find a sheet that is about possessive pronouns. You need to use the given possessive pronouns to fill in the gaps with the sentences e.g. These pens belong to is. They are __________. This would be ours. Use the Power point to help you if you need it! 


RE- Last lesson, we looked at the Easter Vigil. This is a mass on Easter Saturday night which is the first mass to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. During this Mass, the Easter Candle (or the Paschal Candle) is lit. Below, you will find a Powerpoint with more information about the Easter Candle. Today, I would like you to create a poster about the Easter Candle with information about it and a clear labelled drawing of the features of the candle e.g. the cross on it. I would then like you to give reasons for the design of the candle and any other features e.g. why is it lit and brought into church? Why is it used at the Easter Vigil/Easter Sunday?


Level 4 (Challenge)- When else is the Easter Candle used? When else are candles used across the Church life? Link the symbols of light and flame to other Christian beliefs and values.