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Thursday 2nd April

Thursday 2nd April



I hope that telling the time to the nearest minute has been ok! Today you will be looking at how to tell the digital time on a 12 hour clock. We have looked at this a little in starters throughout the year but focused more on analogue time. Please first watch the video below which explains how to work out the time in digital.


Then please complete the worksheet attached below. Remember that in digital time, write the hour first and then the minutes. I have attached a picture of a clock below which is the type of clock we use in school and which the girl in the video uses. This might help you when looking at the times after half past, as it has the numbers from 0 to 60 around the edge e.g. 20 to 8 would be 7:40. To work out the minutes, remember to just count around the clock in 5s. You don't need to count back around the clock like you would for analogue time. Once you have completed the worksheet, you can have a look at the answer sheet to see how you have done. As always, just try your best with it! 


Here is the link to the game that I posted last week. This is another good way to practise analogue and digital time. Remember that you don't need to login to this website, just scroll down the page to play the game.


I have also attached a cut out analogue clock and cut out digital time which could be placed around the edge of a clock. If you have a printer, you might want to print this out to help work out different times. 



Please take a look at the document below which explains what you are writing for the next part of the shared write.



Take a look at the document below to find out what you are doing for RE.



Remember to keep reading through your knowledge organiser ready for the quiz tomorrow. I put the knowledge organiser on here on Tuesday if you can't find yours at home.