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Thursday 26th March

Learning for Thursday 26.03.20


Maths- On MyMaths, you will find 1 homework based on Volume. To complete volume, you will either need to count the cubes or work out the volume. To work out the volume, you multiply the length, width and depth e.g.

 Multiply 1 x 6 x 7

If you are not sure, complete the mymaths lesson on volume.


There will also be a mymaths homework on percentages of amounts. This should be a revision homework on how to complete this. Remember you either do it one of two ways:

  • Find 1% by dividing by 100. Then multiply by whatever percentage you are looking for e.g. 35%= multiply by 35.
  • OR find 10% by dividing by 10, find 5 % by halving this etc. Add together all of these to form the percentage.

Please make sure you complete these- remember I can see who has completed it! Remember to check out when you have completed so I can see your mark as well. 


TT ROCKSTARS- Don’t forget the battle! We are falling behind- try your hardest to contribute to the class effort!


English- Complete the other half of your SPAG paper A. Mark this once you have completed it again researching any areas which you have got incorrect. Retry these now you have the knowledge! Try to get someone to read the spelling test to you! Mark it using the mark scheme and see what spelling rules you need to work on. Don’t forget about your spelling test tomorrow!

Also, have a go on Readtheory and at least try to complete the first reading text to reach your level. Spend at least 15 minutes on this so you can complete some quizzes! Well done to those who have already had a go at this.


Below you will also find the answers to the Guided Reading from yesterday so you can mark it yourself, see how well you have done :) 


RE- Below, you will find an information sheet about Easter Vigil. It will give you information about what happens during the Easter Vigil mass. Read through this or have a look at the powerpoint that explains this mass. In your homework book, describe what happens during this Mass and give reasons for why these things happen. If you are not sure, google the Easter Vigil and what each of these things happen.

Challenge (Level 4)- Are the events in this mass similar or different to other liturgies or masses? 


Keep working hard! Keep yourself safe,

Miss Queenan