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Thursday 26th March

Thursday 26th March



Please log on to MyMaths and complete the tasks I have set. I have set 4 tasks today, which are to look at the 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables. These are times tables that you should all know quite well by now so it shouldn't take too long to complete the 4 tasks. 

Well done to those of you who are logging on every day to complete your maths work! If you haven't yet logged on, please try to go on it soon. If you don't know your login details, email the school email address and I can give you your details.


Please also go onto the following website:

Friday's maths task will be looking at time which we have looked at in starters in our maths lessons throughout this year. Once you are on the website, scroll down to the game and have a go at choosing the correct times shown on the clock. You don't need to login to this website. The game is just further down the page. 



Please complete the task which I have attached below. This is looking at the present perfect tense which we learnt about recently. Remember that the present perfect tense is using have / has and the past participle of the verb, e.g. I played becomes I have played.

Please also spend at least 15 minutes reading. Remember that you can still use your organiser to record how often you are reading.



Please look at the document I have attached below to find out your task for RE.



As you usually do German on a Thursday, here is a link to a YouTube video which recaps some of what you have learnt in Year 2 and 3. You don't have to watch this, it is just if you want to. If you click on this video, there are plenty more down the right hand side which can teach you new words. Viel Spaß! smiley