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Thursday 23rd April

Thursday 23rd April 2020




We are going to continue to look at angles. Yesterday, you looked at angles on a straight line adding up to 180 degrees. Today, we are looking at angles inside a triangle. The three angles on the inside of a triangle always add up to 180 degrees as well.

Look at this link:

We are on Summer term- Week 1. Lesson 2 (Angles in a triangle).


Please watch the video on this and look at how to work out any missing angles:


 With this, we know that they need to add to 180 so 22 + 105 + ? = 180.

So 22 + 105= 127 degrees.

We use the inverse to work out the missing angle: 180- 127= 53 degrees. Just like yesterday! When you are ready, complete the worksheet (although you may NOT be able to do q1b as you may not have a protractor. Don’t worry just leave this question!) When you have finished, mark your work using the mark scheme.


I have also attached the next week of 5 in 5 in case you want to have a go at these at any point!



Today we are looking at adjective order. At times, adjectives are placed in a certain order as shown in the table on the PowerPoint below. You can either use these as part of the subject or part of the predicate. You are going to write 8 sentences of your own following this structure- be as creative as you want following this structure!

Make sure you keep practicing your spellings ready for your test on Friday!


Please also have a go at read theory. Have a go at at least one quiz on this! 




We are going to do a week of work on Islam. This is another faith we are going to learn about.  There are many videos about this faith on the bbc website:


First, look at the PowerPoint all about Islam. Get an introduction to this faith, its beliefs and its practices. When you have finished, look at the PowerPoint about the 5 Pillars of Islam. Many Muslims explain Islam as being like a building that is held up by 5 important pillars, which are the foundation on which Islam is built. They give guidance to Muslims in their daily life.


Read through what the 5 Pillars are. When you have finished, make a poster explaining these 5 pillars. You may decide to use the worksheet I have attached below or design your own poster possibly using the pillars design. Make sure that you use the names of the pillars and describe what each pillar means and how they can live out this pillar.  


Remember I love seeing your work and the fun things you are doing! Keep sending them to