St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

A Voluntary Academy

Trusting in God; Creating Tomorrow; Helping Today

Summer - Week 1

Religious Education


Please visit YouTube to view our word of the week video on  'Celebrate'. Reflect by praying the 'Celebration Prayer'. You will need; a bottle, glitter and water. Put a little glitter into the bottle and then fill with water; thinking about all the things you want to celebrate. Then, put the top on the bottle and give it a shake. This time think about all the people you would like to celebrate with. This might be people you live with or people you are not able to visit at this time.


In R.E we are beginning a new topic titled 'Good News'. Talk with your child about the different types of good news people share like engagements or  birth announcements etc. Also talk about how your child feels when they have good news to share with others. 


Children should draw a picture of an example of good news and label it with a word or two or a couple of simple sentences  in their home learning books. 



This week we are looking at story writing.


Please view the reading on YouTube of  our focused text below and download the literacy planning and story mountain template.

We're going on a Lion Hunt!

Literacy Planning and Story Mountain Template



Your graphemes this week are 'oa', 'ow' and 'oo'.


Monday - 'oa' Colour by Phoneme Real and Nonsense words Activity Sheet. 


Tuesday - 'ow' Colour by Phoneme Real and Nonsense Words Activity Sheet.


Wednesday - 'oo' Long Vowel Phoneme Spotter Story Sheet.

(parents to help read the story if needed)


Thursday - Reading words aloud for children to write under correct grapheme on Graphemes Word Sort Sheet.

now, toast, broom, owl, coat, pool, crown, boat, zoo, down, soap, spoon


Friday - Pick words from yesterday's list for children to write into sentences.

(please complete sentences  in home learning book)



On this site you will find the forty-five key words for children in Year R / Foundation Stage 2.

Please print off a style your child would like and test them on their ability to read and spell the key words.


If your child is having difficulty reading or spelling any of the key words - please encourage them to try and learn two or three new words a week by using some of the helpful tips from the site below.


Please continue learning the cursive style of letter formation - 


This week focus on the letters:  d g o c k




Addition by counting on (Week 1)


Where possible try and use real objects for adding / subtraction / counting. I have made some paper counters, a number line, 10 frame and some other resources you might find useful

Creative (Art/ Design)


Make a model elephant from a milk carton.  View:

' Junk Rescue' from CBeebies 2018


The elephant can be any colour you wish!


Explorers - The task this week is to dress the paper- person in appropriate clothing for an adventure! This can be with pictures / fabric / crayons / pens.


Where will your explorer go? To the moon? Under the sea? In the jungle? Or somewhere else?

Stick your explorer in your book / take a photo. 



P.E   - Easter egg hunt (20 minute dance lesson)


skipping, jumping, running, family walks / bike ride are all part of daily exercise