St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

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Summer Term

Welcome back to school, I hope you have all had a restful half term break. This will be our final half term in Reception and we have an exciting time planned over the next seven weeks. 

Our new Topic is 'Can We Explore It?' and we will be looking at different types of animals, their habitats and being explorers ourselves.


In our Literacy sessions this half term we will continue to look at some exciting focus texts, such as 'We're Going On a Lion Hunt', 'The King of Tiny Things' and 'Where the Wild Things Are'. We will be exploring the texts and maybe even writing our own short stories!


Our launch day will be on Wednesday 13th June, and the children are invited to wear their own explorer or animal costumes to school for the day. We will be spending an exciting afternoon exploring the school to see if we can find any hidden treasure. We can't wait!


We will continue to have our PE session on a Tuesday morning, so if you could please ensure PE kits are in school for this day it would be appreciated.

Author Of The Term


We have some wonderful new books to share and enjoy in our reading area. We will be concentrating on the author Eric Carle this term and have some fantastic books to look at.

We can't wait to see which of the Eric Carle books our class bring in so we can all share them together.

Welcome back and what a busy Summer term we have ahead of us. We have launched our new topic, 'Did Dragons Exist?'

We can't wait to learn all about dragons, knights, castles and we might even get the chance to look at some real life dragons! We have lots of fun and exciting books to focus on this term and we can't wait to show you some of the fun activities we have been doing.

We will be continuing to have our PE session on a Tuesday morning this term and will need to ensure our PE kits are in school weekly for this. 


We found some dragon eggs hidden in a dragon nest. We investigated to see what the different eggs were made from.

We made some dragons of our own using different materials. We chose the different items we wanted to use and used them to create our own dragons. 

We had such a good day at our Maths halving party. We shared out pizzas and decorated our own cakes with different toppings. We talked about different ways of sharing between two and four people as halves and quarters.

What a fun day we had making our own shields. We talked about why knights had shields and how they had their own designs on their shields. 

Innovate Day

Something exciting happened in Reception. The children realised a dragon had landed in the Reception garden when they found some footprints leading to a dragon's nest. Inside they found a letter from Derek the Dragon asking the children for some help. The children needed to make some dragon's eggs as Derek has lost his.