St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

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Summer Term

Can We Explore It?


Our new Topic is all about exploring!! We will be learning about different places around the world; jungles, the Arctic, the African Plains, space and South America. We are going to look at different animals from around the world, and also start thinking about ways we can group animals! We will learn about real life explorer, Christopher Columbus, and all about the Massai tribe. 


In our English sessions we will be enjoying sharing exploring based books together;

We Are Going On A Lion Hunt

Oliver Who Travelled Far and Wide

Walking Through the Jungle 

The Journey Home

Where The Wild Things Are

We Are Going On A Bear Hunt


Our PE sessions are on a Wednesday morning, please ensure your child has their PE kit in school every Wednesday morning. The children will be doing PE on the school field so appropriate outdoor trainers are a must to ensure they do not get wet feet. 


We are looking forward to an exciting term of exploring in Reception class!



Reception loved their launch day for their new topic and we loved the effort the children went to with their costumes and mask making! Mrs. Seaman judged the masks made at home, well done to our winner!

We have used iPads to draw our own African animals!

We have looked at some images of jungles. We worked as a whole class to collect materials to build our own jungle picture. We thought about what we would need in a jungle; vines, water, trees, leaves and animals. 

We have learnt all about maps. We studied some different maps and looked at some of the features on a map.

We used all the skills we have learnt about maps to collect materials and make our own map together.

We have worked together to build den's down on the field.