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Street Detectives

Street Detectives!

This term we are learning all about our local area. We will be looking at human and physical features around Shirebrook and what life is like in our town. 

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Launch Day

Year 2 were very busy on our launch day. We spotted features in our local area and we identified if they were a human or physical feature. We also did a traffic survey to see what types of transport we have in our local area!


Traffic Survey

Feature finding in our local area!

Year 2's Street Detectives Homework


Jake's amazing town!


For our innovate task we were asked by our town council to re-design our town. 


We thought about all the human and physical features that we need in our town. As well as the features that would keep us safe. How we would get around our town - the transport available. We also used our map skills to draw a map of our town!


For our express task we were very excited to share what we have learnt about our local area with the Year 2's at St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Boughton. 

We create a poster describing our town.


We found out lots of things about Ollerton and found that we have lots of similarities between the two towns. We asked lots of questions and discussed what our favourite thing about living in Shirebrook is as well as the things we would like to change.