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Street Detectives

Street Detectives!

This term we are learning all about our local area. We will be looking at human and physical features around Shirebrook and what life is like in our town. 

Click on the link below to see what we have been up to!


For our express part of our topic we had to get creative so we invited Mr Smith from Bolsover Town Council to meet us on teams to show him our town planning documents. 

The children had a great time showing Mr Smith their work and enjoyed hearing all about what the council do and Mr Smith's job.

Express to Mr Smith from Bolsover Town Council

Launch Day

Year 2 were very busy on our launch day. We all went on a walk around Shirebrook and we spotted features in our local area, identifying if they were a human or physical feature.

We also did a traffic survey to see what types of transport we have in our local area!


For our launch day we walked around our local area and looked for human and physical features.

Year 2 have been learning all about how people, buildings and human features keep us safe in our locality. Shirebrook Police and Fire Station were kind enough to let us come and visit and the children had a fantastic time exploring and learning about how the fire service keep us safe. 

Year 2's Street Detectives Homework

Please see the topic homework link for the tasks the children need to complete by the end of advent term. We have already had some fantastic pieces of homework completed! I can't wait to see what else year 2 come up with!