St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

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Spring Term

What a wonderful pizza party we had to celebrate the end of our Rainbow topic. For our innovate task we talked all about different rainbow toppings for our pizza, and which toppings are healthy and unhealthy. We then designed our own pizzas. We loved having our parents come into school for our express to help us make pizzas and to see some of the different activities we do each day.

How Many Colours Are In A Rainbow?


Our topic this term is all about colour! We will be exploring and learning about mixing colours, primary colours, animal camouflage and many more fun and exciting things! We will start our topic with a launch day looking at colours under the sea. We will explore the different animals and sea life, and we might even get to venture under the sea ourselves...


We have lots of fun and exciting books to focus on this term; The Rainbow Fish, Brown Bear Brown Bear What Can You See? The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Elmer and many more. Please check back for photographs throughout the term to see what we have been learning about.


Mrs Dexter and Mrs Wilkins smiley

What an exciting start to the term we had with all the snow! We have been very busy in class investigating all things rainbow! We concentrated on the Rainbow Fish story and have designed our own fish. Take a look at some of the photos below. 
We investigated what happens when we mixed different paints together using paint and rice bags. We found out that different colours mix together to make other colours! We also discovered that the rice absorbs the paint the more you squash the bags! What a fun investigation!!

How Does That Building Stay Up?


Welcome back! We hope you had a lovely restful holiday. Our topic this term is 'How Does That Building Stay Up?' Where we will be looking at all different types of buildings, the materials used to make buildings and the different jobs and people who work on building sites.


During this topic we will be sharing lots of relevant stories such as 'The Three Little Pigs', 'The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse' and 'The Billy Goats Gruff.'


We will be going on our first trip outside school on Wednesday 10th January, taking a walk to look at the local buildings and land use in and around school.

Launch Day!


What a super day we had for our launch day. We talked about lots of different types of buildings and where we might find some of those buildings. We then went on a walk of our local area in Shirebrook and looked at the different buildings around our school. We had such a fun time and we all really enjoyed the walk. We saw lots of different types of buildings and talked about what the different buildings might be used for. We can't wait to learn more about buildings and construction over the next half term in our topic!


We made our own trolls just like the one in 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'. We made our trolls out of clay and had to sculpt them ourselves to make the troll head with its horns. We then painted and decorated our trolls. What a lot of fun!
We had so much fun choosing and using materials to build our own spiders webs today. We managed to make a web the spider could sit in and climb up!
We learnt all about Pancake Day and then worked together to weigh out and make the batter for pancakes. Our teachers then helped us to cook the pancakes and we chose toppings and ate our delicious treats! Yum yum!
We talked about the Billy Goats in our story and made some Billy goat masks to use in the role play for our stories about the Three Billy Goats. We cut up the masks, painted them and then connected the masks back together to make the goats head. We got to stick the goats eyes on which we all enjoyed doing!
We were lucky to have the opportunity to participate in the Balanceability learn to cycle programme. The programme has been designed to help children develop confidence and skills required to ride a pedal bike. We loved it and had so much fun! 
We have been busy this half term. We have done lots of different and exciting activities in and outside the classroom and learnt so much about building materials, the people who work on building sites and how buildings are made!
In Reception we are lucky to have access to our wonderful sensory room. We love going in the sensory room and using this to extend and support our learning.