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Spring Term 1 - Dinosaur Planet

For our launch day, we completed a carousel of dinosaur related activities.

1. Dinosaur role play 

2. Dinosaur labelling and books to browse

3. Fossil finding

4. Making an edible volcano

We had a great time and can't wait to start our new learning!

For our innovate task, we became palaeontologists. We received a letter from John Anning - a relative of the famous Mary Anning, a fossil hunter. He told us that Mr Oscroft had called him after noticing a fox had been digging in our school playground. John told us that he had reason to believe that some dinosaur bones had been uncovered by the fox and we had to check it out. We had to decide what tools we would need, complete the excavation, send off the bones for testing and then work out what type of dinosaur these had come from. We also had to discover what the dinosaur might have eaten, whether it was a carnivore, herbivore or omnivore and then report all we had found out in a news broadcast as part of our express work. We had so much fun!  

We made up our own packs of all the information we had found from our excavation.

For our express, we made a news broadcast. We had to answer the 5 W's to share our news with the public.

Mr Steele came to our express morning where we presented our news broadcast and work to him. He was very impressed with our dinosaur knowledge. smiley

Curriculum Matters - Spring Term