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Spring Term 1 Dinosaur Planet

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For our innovate task, we got a letter from John Anning. John is Mary Anning (the famous fossil hunters) Great Nephew. He told us about a special discovery of dinosaur bones under a tree in our school garden. We became fossil hunters and dug up the remains. We then had a day of examining the bones to work out which type of dinosaur they had come from. We had great fun! Now we will make a news broadcast for express week so we can share the news with everyone. 

Launch Day


We had an amazing launch day to start off our dinosaur topic. We did some fantastic writing for our dinosaur planet display and in the afternoon we took part in a carousel of activities. Our favourite activity was tasting our volcano ice creams. cheeky We also went digging for dinosaur fossils, read some dinosaur books, did dinosaur role play and labelling. We can't wait to start our topic. 

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