St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

A Voluntary Academy

Trusting in God; Creating Tomorrow; Helping Today

School to School Support

The school regularly provides support to other schools across Derbyshire and North Nottinghamshire as part of its role in providing school to school support. The school is also designated as a National Support School.


The Executive Headteacher, Mrs D. Tibble, is a National Leader in Education (NLE) and a School Improvement Link Advisor for Derbyshire Local Authority. Through this role, Mrs Tibble provides support to leadership teams in a wide range of other schools. The main focus of this role is in supporting and quality assuring school self-evaluation and providing precise support to further improve teaching and learning in these schools.


The Head of School, Mr D. Steele and Foundation and Key Stage 1 Co-Leader, Mrs D. Seaman are SLEs (Specialist Leaders in Education). Their main focus is on improving teaching and learning, Maths, RE and Phonics teaching and supporting senior and middle leaders. Both members of staff have provided support to a number of schools across North East Derbyshire this academic year, mostly supporting teachers to improve their class teaching and building their capacity to lead their subjects within their own school.


Mrs Seaman, is also an accredited KS1 Moderator for Derbyshire Local Authority. This means that she works closely with the Assessment Team at Derbyshire Local Authority, moderating Teacher judgements for KS1 pupils across North East Derbyshire.


Additionally, all staff at St. Joseph’s have provided support to staff from a further five schools, through enabling staff from these schools to observe outstanding teaching in St. Joseph’s, mostly linked to Reading and Grammar and Punctuation.