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Muck, Mess and Mixtures

Muck, Mess and Mixtures!



Topic Launch

For our topic launch we had a great time getting messy and exploring different mixtures! 


We explored and experimented with:

  • Bicarbonate of soda and vinegar
  • Cornflour and water
  • Seeds, water and soap
  • Salt dough 
  • Slime 




In class we have been planning and conducting lots of experiments! Investigating how materials change and which materials are more suitable!


These are the investigations we have been doing so far:

What happens when everyday materials are mixed with water?

Which materials melt the quickest?

Which soap makes the best bubbles?

Which material melts the quickest?

Which soap makes the best bubbles?

Year 2's Muck, Mess and Mixtures Homework


We have been working really hard at home to get make it, do it and write it!

Seren's been very busy!

Ciara's Homework!

Charlotte's homework

Max's homework

Hugo's homework

Eva's homework

Erin's homework

Dylan's homework

Freya's homework

Liliana's Homework